AudioCodes 420HD and Lync Address Book Service

After January 2014 firmware release, the Audiocodes 420HD got a nice feature — Lync Address Book service query. Before this update we could add a LDAP as Corporate Directory source, but this was based on Active Directory information and not on Lync Address Book service. Also, we couldn’t see the user presence information on searched contact.

In UC_2.0.3.16 firmware version, a new option was added as “Corporate Directory” source — Lync Contacts. This means that we can use Address Book service to search Lync Contacts on AudioCodes 420HD phones.



To configure Lync Contacts as Corporate Directory source we need to access the phone web interface and then go to Configuration -> Advanced Applications -> Contacts:


Let’s use this cool feature, first by accessing the Directory List using the open book on the main screen:


Then by selecting Corporate Directory:


Use the numeric keypad as search input:


As we can see, users with “da” within the name will be showed with their presence status. The full moon icon on its left indicates that the user is Available; the half filled circle indicates that the user is Away/Busy.

This is a nice feature for those who use AudioCodes phones with Lync Server. I still wish to see Better Together over Ethernet feature on these phones.