Recently, we added a new cmdlet to the UC Lobby Teams PowerShell module. The Get-UcTeamsDevice cmdlet will use MS Graph to query all the Teams Devices registered in a M365 Tenant. Executing it without any parameters will return a table with a summary of all devices. This information is similar to what is shown in … Continue reading Get-UcTeamsDevice


UCLobby Teams 0.2.0

A new version is now available in PowerShell Gallery and here are the changes included: Get-UcTeamsVersion Added Computer parameter to get Teams version on a remote machine. Added Path parameter to specify a path that contains Teams log files. Get-UcTeamsDevice New cmdlet that gets Microsoft Teams Devices information using MS Graph API. Test-UcTeamsDevicesConditionalAccessPolicy New cmdlet … Continue reading UCLobby Teams 0.2.0

UCLobby Teams 0.1.3

A new version is now available in PowerShell Gallery and here are the changes included: Get-UcTeamVersion Fixed the issue where the version was only showing 4 digits.Added information for Ring, Environment, Region. Get-UcTeamUsersEmail New cmdlet that returns a list of users email address that are part of a Team Get-UcTeamsWithSingleOwner This function returns a list … Continue reading UCLobby Teams 0.1.3


Sometimes, we get asked which forest customers should use when moving a user to Microsoft Teams in the Move-CsUser. A quick way to check the forest is to open the following link in a browser: In the response we can look at the redirect URL and look at the forest, in this case it … Continue reading Get-UcTeamsForest

UCLobby Teams PowerShell Module

After publishing Teams: Check client version using PowerShell I started this module as a side project. Unfortunately, it stayed on draft from some time but now it’s finally here. The plan is to add useful functions related to Microsoft Teams and have them bundled in a single module. The module is available in the PowerShell Gallery: PowerShell Gallery – UCLobbyTeams … Continue reading UCLobby Teams PowerShell Module

Manage Microsoft Teams PowerShell Module

As most of us know, the steps to install and update the Microsoft Teams Powerhell Module are described here: Install Microsoft Teams PowerShell Module However, it is also possible to install, load and remove previous versions. To list all installed versions we need to use the ListAvailable parameter: Get-Module -ListAvailable MicrosoftTeams By default, the module … Continue reading Manage Microsoft Teams PowerShell Module

PSScript: Get Phone Registration from Log files

Recently a customer requested to get a phone inventory, usually we can simply use the Skype for Business Monitoring Report: The issue was that customer had around 6000 phones and this report is limited to 1000 (by design). One option could be change the SQL Stored Procedure that is executed when we run the IP … Continue reading PSScript: Get Phone Registration from Log files

SfB CLS Logging: Understanding the CacheFileLocalMaxDiskUsage

Recently, we were asked about the CacheFileLocalMaxDiskUsage setting in CLS Logging. The issue was when CacheFileLocalMaxDiskUsage was configured to 60% the CLS Logging was returning empty log files. This setting will look at the total disk space used and not specific to used space by CLS log folder. If we configure it to 60 it means … Continue reading SfB CLS Logging: Understanding the CacheFileLocalMaxDiskUsage