Lync Client 2013 Tab Shortcut Keys

Most users already use shortcut keys on daily basic tasks, such as working on documents/spreadsheet, browsing the Internet, etc., and these shortcuts are also heavily used for playing PC games (specially strategy games).

If you want to get familiar with all the available Lync Client 2013 shortcuts, check the following URL:

Keyboard shortcuts for Lync Client 2013

In this post, we focus on Tab shortcut keys. In order to use them in Lync, hold Control (Ctrl) + Number (1 to 5) to quickly access a Lync Client Tab:

Ctrl + 1 = Contacts
Ctrl + 2 = Persistent Chat
Ctrl + 3 = Conversations
Ctrl + 4 = Phone
Ctrl + 5 = Meetings – this one is not listed in Keyboard Shortcuts for Lync Client 2013. The Meeting tab was added later on (New Features in Lync 2013 Client with July 2013 Security Update).

Even if we don’t deploy it, Lync Client 2013 allows you to use shortcuts and access the Persistent Chat Tab:


There is an error when we try to do a search in Persistent Chat Tab. This is expected, since Persistent Chat is not deployed in this Lync environment:


We can also click on the plus button:


And access the Chat Room History search:


We can also access Phone Tab (Ctrl + 4), which will be empty (this user is not enterprise enabled):


And lastly, Meeting Tab (Ctrl + 5) with default information:


At the time of this post, the Lync Client version is 15.0.4649.1000.


Any Lync Client functionalities and/or features are not affected by this unexpected behaviour. This is something that will probably be patched in a future update.


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