Teams: Check client version using PowerShell

Update May 18th 2022: Now available as Get-UcTeamsVersion in UCLobby Teams PowerShell Module

An easy way to check MS Teams version is in the client by going to About > Version:

The version will be displayed near the Command Box:

The MS Teams client is installed per user and the version is stored in the settings.json file:


Using PowerShell we can convert JSON files to PowerShell Objects:

PowerTip: Convert JSON File to PowerShell Object

Now we can run the following PowerShell cmdlet to get the Teams client version:

Get-Content $env:UserProfile”\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Teams\settings.json” | ConvertFrom-Json | Select Version, Ring, Environment

The install/update date is in the installTime.txt file in the same folder:

Get-Content $env:UserProfile”\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Teams\installTime.txt”

Note: The date is stored in MM/dd/yyyy

Since MS Teams is installed on a user level we can have multiple versions on the same machine.

To check all the installed versions we can use a PowerShell Script that will execute the previous cmdlets for each user.

The script is available in GitHub and doesn’t take any parameter:

MS Teams installed version for each user profile


Thanks to The Scripting Guys for a way to list the user profile paths:

Use PowerShell to Find User Profiles on a Computer


5 thoughts on “Teams: Check client version using PowerShell

  1. This is really useful, thanks.
    Would you know how to add in the architecture version to this?
    I tried adding in Architecture as a property the end of the get-content line but to no avail.


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