Recently, we added a new cmdlet to the UC Lobby Teams PowerShell module.

The Get-UcTeamsDevice cmdlet will use MS Graph to query all the Teams Devices registered in a M365 Tenant.

Executing it without any parameters will return a table with a summary of all devices. This information is similar to what is shown in Teams Admin Center (TAC):


Note: There also an option to get the details information for all devices using the -Detailed switch, however, this might take some time since we can send 20 queries in each MS Graph request.

We also added a Filter parameter, that allows to query for specific device types, here are the current filters available:

  •     Phone – Teams Native Phones
  •     MTR – Microsoft Teams Rooms running Windows or Android
  •     MTRW – Microsoft Teams Room Running Windows
  •     MTRA – Microsoft Teams Room Running Android
  •     SurfaceHub – Surface Hub
  •     Display – Microsoft Teams Displays
  •     Panel – Microsoft Teams Panels

Get-UcTeamsDevice -Filter Phone

Note: We can combine Filter with Detailed to get all the details for each device.

Here is an example of the details we can get, for each Teams device, using the Detailed switch:

Please note that this cmdlet requires that the MS Graph PowerShell module is installed and access to the following MS Graph scopes:

  • TeamworkDevice.Read.All
  • User.Read.All

For more information on Microsoft Teams device on MS Graph please go to:
MS Graph – Teamwork Device

Special Thank You to Silvio SchanzGonçalo Sepulveda and Bryan Kendrick for contributing to this cmdlet.

Source code available on GitHub – UCLobbyTeams

Get-UcTeamsDevice is available UC Lobby Teams PowerShell module since version 0.2.0.


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