Active Directory contact is changed to the phone number in the contact list of Lync2013/SfB2015

On 14th July 2015, a new Lync2013/SfB2015 client update was released (KB3054946 – 15.0.4737.1001). We were eager to see it released, especially because it includes the following fix:

Active Directory contact’s name is changed to the phone number in the contact list of Skype for Business or Lync 2013

Most users didn’t notice it because this only affects AD Contacts without sip address or email address.

To explain this let’s think in the following scenario: the company Gears has 3 receptions. They are located in the same site and they aren’t Lync/Skype4B enabled. The receptions only have one telephone connected to a traditional PBX and we add them as contacts in AD, so that they are searchable in Lync/Skype4B.

In Lync2013/Skype4B, we add these receptions to our contact list:


Now we need to sign off and sign in again. After this, the Display Name is replaced with the contact Phone Number:


If we don’t know the exact telephone number, we won’t be able to tell which of the results we need to call.

For the Lync2013/Skype4B client with the July 2015 update, we have the same behaviour as in the Lync 2010 client:




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