Lync Phone Edition Test Device won’t update to unapproved version

Last week we were trying to update a Lync Phone Edition to 4.0.7577.4414, and the update was successfully imported as shown in the next print screen:


After a factory reset, the phone was requesting the last approved version (4.0.7577.4411). In the logs we found this:

10/30/2013 10:44:24,david.paulino@*****,,UCPhone,30/10/2013 05:42:45,”0004F2959F06″,”0004f2959f06″,”POLYCOM”,”CX500″,”Rev-4″,”ENU”,cpe.nbt;4.0.7577.4397;26/06/2013 15:16:38,
http://<internal FQDN>/RequestHandler/Files/UCPhone/POLYCOM/CX500/Rev-4/ENU/4.0.7577.4411/CPE/CPE.nbt;
https://<external FQDN>/RequestHandlerExt/Files/UCPhone/POLYCOM/CX500/Rev-4/ENU/4.0.7577.4411/CPE/CPE.nbt;4.0.7577.4411;27/09/2013 22:03:02

After a while the phone reboots and updates to the requested version:

10/30/2013 10:52:19,david.paulino@*****,,UCPhone,30/10/2013 10:50:39,”0004F2959F06″,”0004f2959f06″,”POLYCOM”,”CX500″,”Rev-4″,”ENU”,cpe.nbt;4.0.7577.4411;27/09/2013 22:03:02,

The phone was configured as Test device, and we tried using Serial and MAC, but the phone didn’t update to the latest version.

This was the first time that we tested a phone Test Device in Lync Server 2013. Also, our Lync is updated to CU3.

After searching the web for a while, we found that someone already had this issue:

Technet Forum: Lync Test device not updating

So, the solution is to change the Test Device Scope from Global to Site. We can do this in Lync Server 2013 Control Panel; you have to go to Clients -> Test Device, delete the Test Device with Global scope and create a new Site test device:


With the phone configured as Site Scope we found this in the logs:

10/30/2013 12:05:56,david.paulino@*****,,UCPhone,30/10/2013 12:04:15,”0004F2959F06″,”0004f2959f06″,”POLYCOM”,”CX500″,”Rev-4″,”ENU”,cpe.nbt;4.0.7577.4411;27/09/2013 22:03:02,
http://<internal FQDN>/RequestHandler/Files/UCPhone/POLYCOM/CX500/Rev-4/ENU/4.0.7577.4414/CPE/CPE.nbt;
https://<external FQDN>/RequestHandlerExt/Files/UCPhone/POLYCOM/CX500/Rev-4/ENU/4.0.7577.4414/CPE/CPE.nbt;4.0.7577.4414;17/10/2013 15:22:18

After some time the phone rebooted and updated to the latest version:

10/30/2013 12:17:23,david.paulino@*****,,UCPhone,30/10/2013 12:15:43,”0004F2959F06″,”0004f2959f06″,”POLYCOM”,”CX500″,”Rev-4″,”ENU”,cpe.nbt;4.0.7577.4414;17/10/2013 15:22:18,


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